Short Bob Hairstyles for Black women Women Hairstyles Ideas, Short bob hairstyles are in no danger of going out of style. They can be just nice with any types of hair; straight, wavy, or even curly. Some think that short bob cut will only go well with straight hair and matching it with curly hair will only create puffy and round look. Maybe, they are only yesterday people who think that way. Today, you should not be worry to combine short bob cut with your curly hair since it will make you look pretty and adorable.

Manageable, fresh and neat look will you get once you choose short bob hairstyle for your curly hair. Beside that, if you like, you will not loose your cuteness which always can be seen from your curls. You may either choose to cut it short above your shoulder or trim it more to touch your ears. You can also add a wave on one side of your head to find retro look which you can use on a formal evening occasion.

Another short bob style will also work well to emphasize neat and rich look by keeping it in stylish short layers. It looks great for whom having dark brown hair. However, it will also be nice choice for you with black or blonde hair.

For women who like casual, cool, and bit messy style, you can use this style below. This style also can be simply done by yourself in no time. You just need to cut it short to your ears and put some layers around. Part it unevenly from the side and pull out some strains using your fingers.

If you have golden heavy curly hair, you also should not be worry. You can get your curls bobbed that nearly touch your shoulders and ripples both side of your face.  This style will bring out the shine and bounce your golden curls.

There are still many you may apply as your short bob hairstyle for your curly hair. You can also dye your hair with the color you like. Don’t afraid to try it. Be confident and you will look great with any cut you have.

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