We have heard enough about weird hair and beauty techniques that make us more that we will do everything to do pretty convincing times. But today we have a new hair dyeing technique that not only looks mega-cool, but should also be on your must try list for the upcoming season. Color Melt, they call it! A better, less scary name can be retrieved, we agree, but that adds more surprise, right?
We can say melt color is the evolution of the ombre hair, a perfect color gradation. After pastel colors in trend came, there was just a way to grab her two trends together and they look natural. Color melt will give new pastel ombre look.
Instead of leaving the ends of your hair in pastels you can, with the whole head; no sharp lines will be there and you will eventually achieve a perfectly mixed gradient. Even if you are an experienced hair scientist, will still leave a few demarcation points for our peak. So listen to our words of wisdom and learn how to perfect your skills.
Yes, Dad Nikolas also said, this means more time in the salon chair, more color mixing, testing the color and washing your hair. When the number of colors that continue to increase in your hair, you will get a much smoother gradation, like an animated movie.
And we are interested! There are so many combinations you can use to create optical illusions or simply breathtaking color clouds. The best part of this new hair dyeing technique is that it works with virtually all shades; no matter what your root color and what you expect to see on the ground. All colors and shades work well with color melt, creating a natural blended look.
Although they look fantastic, you can operate this technology for your regular ombre to her. Instead of waiting for months to soften the colors, you can now get it right from the first time.

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