medium layered haircuts for women 2013 Hairstyles short hairstyles long hairstyles hairstyles 2013, Medium layered haircuts are also known as the chop. This is the considered best haircut since it is not too long so you do not have to spend much time and money for the maintenance and at the same time it is not too short either so you can still highlight your femininity. The most important part of this cut is actually the length. It should be the shoulder length with notsoblunt finish. There are many variations that you can get. In fact, it is even better if you add some textures in the end.

Get the layered cuts if you have thick hair and you want to balance the volume of your hair. Layered locks in your facial area will frame your face and make it appear longer and slimmer. Do not forget to get the chopped end. Or, you can cut your hair in bob. After the bob has got longer so it can be considered as medium layered haircuts, you can get the layer that starts right from your chin. This will give you the wavy look that is not too heavy. You should blow dry your hair, but not too dry. Make it at least 75% dry, and after that you can apply hairspray to get the beachy finish.

Next, adding bangs is also a great recommendation when it comes to medium haircuts. Blunt fringe bangs will perfectly frame your face. You can choose between fringe and side swept bangs. Both of them will look nice in your medium layered hair. Keep in mind that fringe bangs can make you look younger and fresher at the same time. That is why most older people would like to get this cut. If you want to get the fringe bangs, it is better if you straight it with straightening iron. Curly hair will not make the best fringe and bold bangs. Last, you can finish your look with flat brush and a blow dryer to get the straight fringe. Those ideas for medium layered haircuts actually can be applied for both straight and curly hair, but there are some that are better only for straight and curly hair only.

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