15 Most Fantastic Trendy Layered Hairstyles For Long Hair, Originally long layered hairstyles are referred to classic bohemian style. Although regardless of your lifestyle, you can find your best long haired hairstyle from those, offered below.

A layered haircut adds volume to long hair and allows diversifying its styling. The main rule of a beautiful long haircut is very simple Ask your hairdresser to cut long layers at the back and smooth graded layers, framing the face in front. Usually such a haircut is balanced with long bangs, that can be styled to either side or straight.

When you explain your stylist what kind of haircut you want, don’t forget about the details. Commonly most girls, who prefer to look more feminine, opt for long, smooth and sleek layers, blending with one another. A long shag hairstyle looks more messy and sharp. When you are considering how to cut the tresses framing your face, select the most flattering point on your face, where your hair will be cut the shortest. Most often it’s the highest point of cheekbones or the chin.

This long layered hairstyle is airy, delicate and refined thanks to its fine feathered look that works beneficially for fine hair, adding body to your hair and embellishing a face of practically any shape.

A curly “bedhead”…what can be trendier and more natural in the coming season? If you have beautiful long curly hair, you are so lucky, because you can easily wear awesome hairstyles like this.

The roundish shape of this hairstyle is soft and feminine. 2layered long hairstyles are easy to style and you can experiment with shapes and lines styling the contour tresses outwards or inwards.

This groovy long shag hairstyle in the best hues of copper is featuring fantastic shattered tresses, balanced by sleek texture of the blunt cut bangs, enhanced with hot red highlights.

On the threshold of Christmas and New Year’s Eve ladies are actively searching for appropriate hairstyles which would reflect the ideas of the most longawaited holidays of the year. Here’s one splendid example, inspired by the main symbol of these thrilling winter holidays.

They are amazingly eyecatching and touchable. Besides those stunning highlights do not only play the role of zest in this hairstyle, they also accentuate its beautiful texture.

This naughty hairstyle looks absolutely natural. It seems you’ve just washed your hair and let it air dry…Ah, yes, and for some reason you also dipped your ends into the black dye

Some women do not want to keep their hair long because the length suggests more maintenance. Here is a perfect mediumtolong hairstyle, voluminous, layered and easy to maintain.

You will certainly love to wear your gorgeous long layered hair loose to show its beauty. Soft waves look very natural and an element of braiding only makes your awesome hairstyle classier.

Those showy tresses do not tend to blend together, creating perfect volume, emphasized by highlights. The slanting bangs, caressing the cheek bone, draw attention to the face.

This simple hairstyle is featuring silken texture of a long haircut with layering only through the front tresses. And after the masterpiece was finished, an artist has added the last final strokes along the sides, which, by the way, have become the zest of this showy hairstyle.

I hope you have found your most inspiring look here. I can say I’m simply amazed by most of them and definitely consider them worth of mimicking. You are welcome to leave a note of which hairstyle you liked the most.

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