Wedding updos for long hair with veiDi Candia Fashion, Wedding updos look dressy thus suitable for such big moments. Usually brides with long hair decide to have the hair styled in updo because of its elegance. Many brides often spend much time to have hair styled. In fact, there are some wedding updos for long hair that they can do themselves without the help of a pro. It is because updos can be simple that every bride can do it fast and easy. Is your wedding getting closer? Start learning and practicing how to style your hair yourself so you can successfully have the most beautiful updo in the most beautiful moment in your life. No one will know that you do it yourself. And when you tell them it is you who do the style, they will be surprised. Just be ready to receive a lot of compliments from the guests. So, are your ready to learn how to do the updo? Here are the steps.

First of all, you should prepare anything you need to do the hairstyle. Fortunately, wedding updos for long hair do not require a lot of tools and styling products. You just need a good styling mousse, a curling iron , a fine brush, and several bobby pins. Work on mousse to your hair and smooth it out using a fine brush. Pay attention to the area behind the ears around your crown. Knot your hair into a ponytail at top of your hair. Leave soft ringlets fall on the side of your face. Create body and additional fullness to your hair by using a medium sized curling iron. Create a different curl texture for the strands of hair. Sheath the ponytail with an elastic band in a similar color as your hair. Now, make a bun from half of the ponytail. Secure it using bobby pings. Twist the rest of hair to for an open loop. Use bobby pins to keep the twist stay in place. Use holding spray to give a last touch. It will not seem easy until you try yourself.

The steps above work for either straight or curly hair. By doing the style yourself, you also can save a lot of money. For your information bridal hairstylist is not cheap. If you can do it yourself, why should you spend a lot of money on wedding updos for long hair which actually can save your time as well?

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