Emo girls hairstyles Hairstyles 2014 Haircuts trends for long short and medium hair The Styling Company, Emo girls, who have chosen hairstyle as unique expression of individuality and worldview, will be interested to learn some new ideas of emo hairstyles.

Classy example of emo hairstyle is long ebony black hair combined with bright highlights like blonde, red or purple. Now I want to offer new approach to emo image. Lets replace black hair with blonde and complete it with similar highlights. Here are several examples of blonde colors for emo girls. 

The best thing about blonde hair color that it may look both natural and really daring. As we are talking about emo hair we will consider only innovative colors and shades of blonde. Before going for changes remember that bleaching is a stress for your hair but the result is worth everything. You just need to find pro hair colorist who knows his job. 

Alternative hairstyles are very popular among teen girls and boys. You have not once seen girls wearing bold eye makeup with voluminous and extravagant hairstyle. This could probably be emo, punk, Goth or scene girl hairstyle. The popularity of such styles is increasing and thats why I want to show you some of the newest emo hairstyles that are included in new 2014 spring/summer hair trends.

Emo means emotional and every detail in their image is meant to accentuate their individuality. In spite of this fact emo hairstyles are quite simple and stylish. The only detail that can make it look bold and eye catching is hair color but lets hairstyles. 

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