, How do teen girls wear their hair? Ladies in their twenties? Middleaged women? When we think back on this time, how will we remember the hairstyles?

It’s all about Ombre hair coloring on long hair. Every other woman I see in NYC has their hair colored this way and every starlet on every magazine. Long hair is definitely in for women of all ages. That is one way you can instantly tell tourist in NYC. All the women over 35 have these short cropped sexless styles.

Hasn’t long straight hair been in forever now? There’s not much “style” to hair anymore, really. I have noticed a lot of young girls are getting pixie cuts in the last year or so. It’s a risky style that doesn’t suit everybody.

I see girls wearing circa 1980 Linda Ronstadt type shags. with a twist. The different layers in the shag are completely different colors. blues, greens, reds, you name it. I thought it was cute.

For boys, that variation of the 70s haircut but with it all combed forward onto the cheeks. A male variation of Jane Fonda in “Klute”. To go with those droopy diaper pants where you can’t tell what kind of ass they have.

When I lived in Chicago, a favorite summer outing for my friends and I was to the Wisconsin State Fair in August. In 2000 or 2001, beginning around 1100 a.m., I counted 143 mullets among fair goers, men and women alike. And I am not kidding when I say I saw at least a couple of women with mullets to rival the one at R17’s link.

As for blesbian hair, ditto to the short or shaved style. I just saw the most beautiful woman tonight on Canal Street talking to her friend, the entire side of her head was shaved and the type was short and parted to the side. It sounds gross probably but it was very smart on her and she was very attractive. Not butchy, but sexy in a Grace Jones kind of way,

Everyone here seems to be talking about the drapes. what about the carpet? Just as important. What are the latest fashions and styles? I’ve seen a few yellowgreen shags. Are those still trendy? Not many will wear a short pile. Do you like “wall to wall” or do you just wear a little throw rug?

The guys hair is not super long as was the style during the 60s or 70s, but male teens seem to be growing their hair long again. I was always seeing those disgusting near bald haircuts on young men, not anymore.

Well, ladies, still waiting on those pics for the latest styles in carpeting. I’m looking for all colours and cuts. Got aunaturale walltowall carpet? Post it up, ladies. Got a rectangular Hitler throw rug? No problemo. Let’s see some of those genuine Indian carpets. Magic carpets with a wicker basket full of snakes? All styles welcome.

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