LONG BOB HAIRSTYLE, The wedding event is very important in all religions and countries. Every country and religion has different rites and regulation of weeding. But there is a common thing tat the bridesmaids of all counties and religions like to dress themselves for the special day called wedding day. In east, basically there are three functions of a wedding party mehndi, barat and walima.

On these occasions, the bridesmaids dress hair in different styles. In mehndi party, the girls like to dress hair in long braided hair style. The bridesmaids like to use fresh flowers to decorate the braids. In this way, on the day of barat, the bridesmaids hairstyles are buns and up do hair styles. The girls like to dress hair in buns styles.

The same thing is followed after the day of barat. In west, there are two basic functions of a wedding party. One is the wedding day and the other is reception party. On wedding day, the bridesmaids like to make bows with hair. There are many minds of bows which are used as the prom hairstyles. The buns can be of low style, high style and messy style.

All the buns are very popular for the use of bridesmaids. Some girls like to make braided buns. In such hair styles, the girls or hairstylists have to make braids and then the braid is twisted in bun style. Then the different kinds of artificial decoration accessories are used to decorate hair styles or wedding buns. The bow style is very popular for bridesmaids.

Some girls like to make many bows and some like to make only a single bow. If the girls like to make single bow, then the remaining hair can be curled with iron curler. Such hair style looks very beautiful for bridesmaids. The bridesmaids hairstyles are decorated with natural and artificial flowers. In this way, the up and down hair styles are also very demanding and look beautiful.

In up hair styles, the hair stylists make many kinds of bows, braids, backcombing while the bottom hairs are used to curl in wavy or bouncy look. The curls are used to place at both or one shoulder. So, the bridesmaid

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