Rihanna New Look in Hollywood unlimited portals com, We had been talking about going short for a little while now and actually planned to do it the following week, but I just felt like, why wait? Let’s do it today!” Motions Global Ambassador Stephen told Us Weekly. “And Ri said the same thing. She was ready for her short hair again!”

“The cut and color gradation suits her well,” says celebrity hairstylist Angelo David of Angelo David Salon in NYC. It’s such a feminine look that can be easily recreated using my Angelo David Couture Fillers, to achieve the volume and length.”

Rihanna has played around with many different hairstyles from long to short and straight to curly. The singer uses her hair and makeup as a way to express herself. She’s so pretty, she would look good with a shaved head, but we love her with this long, lush hair! She looks softer, more feminine and glamorous.

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