Short hairstyles for round faces Short Haircuts, Short hairstyles can be great for round faces, because they can make the face shape more symmetrical with the rest of the body and provide length to a rounder face. However, you must be careful when choosing a short hairstyle for a rounder face, or else you can actually make your round face even more prominent! You have to focus on many factors when you try to find a perfect hairstyle for your round face like face framing, overall length, bangs/fringe, etc. this work tell you what is best for your face, it may be good or may be bad.

Pixie cuts are tricky for round faces because they can make a face look rounder. With a few modifications, though, roundfaced ladies can rock a pixie cut. In fact, the right pixie style can give your round face great angles. Maintain your pixie by trimming it frequently.

Besides being uberconfident, you also need to rock the right hairdo to show off a real punk style. There are a lot of fab punkish styles to pick from, so you never have to worry about having no options. With your round head, the last thing you want to do is to cover up any parts of your face, making it appear even smaller and rounder. Keep your hair off your forehead and show off a chic, choppy style to create the nicest facial proportion and really make a statement.

If you want to sport a short bob, stay away from precision cuts that are all one length, and go for a razored, choppy bob with lots of layers instead. All those faceframing pieces of hair will help slenderize a rounder, fuller face by creating angles. When styling, leaving your locks a little messy can also help counteract the soft roundness of your face. Use texturizing spray to make your bob’s layers stand out, and don’t overbrush it think imprecise, not polished.

Want to frame your round face with something a little wilder? Try a classic short shag like the style that’s become Meg Ryan’s signature cut. Because a shag has more volume at the top and tons of playful, chaotic layers on the way down, it’ll work a nice slimming effect on your round face, and bring in plenty of roundnessreducing angles.

For a fullon mohawk style, in which your hair is spiked down the middle from the front of your head to the back or a “fauxhawk,” which refers to styled mohawks on hair that is longer, without closely cropped sides as an authentic mohawk has work hair wax or glue into the top section of your hair. Use your hands to spike large sections of hair up in a section of hair about 3 inches wide from your front hairline to the nape of your neck. This fun hairstyle draws the attention upward, elongating your round face to make it look longer and slimmer. Mist over it with some hair spray once you’re done, to set your style and make it last.

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