The Pixie Guide 6 Pixie Cuts For Every Face Type The Stilettosaurus, If you want to add some extra zing to your hairdo, then try pixie cut with bangs. The bangs in this case are light and side swept, giving you neater appearance. Irresistibly chic and smart, this haircut is most suitable for oval faced woman. To add some more quirkiness, try using cute hairclips, hairbands and even colourful bandanas. Who better to get inspired from than the evergorgeous Emma Watson?

Most suitable on square face, you can try short front bangs with your pixie haircut. Since your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are equal, you can get away with short haircuts. Moreover the short, crisp bangs give a whole new look to your hairs. Take a cue from the gorgeous Keira Knightley who sported the famous cropped hairstyle with front bangs.

Michelle Williams looked particularly fabulous in this pixie cut, despite being roundfaced. So if youThe softness of a sweeping side bang and the wispy hair in front of the ear work together to frame the eyes.”

Besides being one of the welldresses, Charlize Theron dazzled everyone at the Oscars 2013 with her pixie haircut. And if you have an oblong face like her, then you that night .

If you are feeling scared, then know that yous going to take some time to get hip like the rest. But you will get to be the bold unique girl everyone envies. So why wait? Go get it done. Chop Chop .

I love pixie cuts! I like how you showed different cuts for different face shapes to show how the pixie cut can be so versatile and fun. I really love the cut on Anne Hathaway; it was such a great way for her to grow her hair back out after her role in Les Miserables.

It looks really pretty on a lot of diff. people, but I dont think this cut is for me at all lol. I always like leaving my hair down or braiding it. ♥

I had a pixie cut for years. I had long hair that I cut on a whim and ended up with the shortest hair ever! I loved it. It was so easy to manage. However, after some time, I got bored and grew my hair out. I still love the look!

n I have full confidence that pixie cut would be a disaster on me Although I like it on most of the people and admire their guts it is too boyish for me

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