20 Short bob hairstyles for 2012 2013 Short Hairstyles 2014 Most Popular Short Hairstyles for 2014, In original bob style hair clearly comes to chin. Since its shape is considerably easy to create and maintain the form, bob style is one of the most popular hair styles throughout the world. Over the years, length of hair showed quite a change with a shift from the earlobe to shoulder level. This means you can easily fit this style easily to the ratio of your face. This is particularly suitable laterally curved shaped new bob styles.

If your face is long shaped keep bob style as short as possible. It will gather the attention to your face. Some of layers make the cut light and vibrant; no part of the hair is lifeless. Bob style with its soft lines is for shaped features. Round face with long bob style cut and with a little volume on the side of the face appears more beautiful.

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