25 Short Hairstyles for Black Women iloveblackwomen net blog, You have heard it all, haven’t we? “Your hair is your crowning glory,” or “if you brush 100 strokes a night, it will grow faster.” You know what I mean. It seems like black women are obsessed with hair. Short hairstyles for black women, long hairstyles for black women, if it’s a weave, how she wears it and if she gets it done weekly or monthly. Some of us have gotten pretty good at guessing, haven’t we?

And now we are going through the natural vs. straight hair controversy. Both of those can be represented with short haircuts for black women. Short Black hairstyles grown in popularity over the past 30 years.

And yet other black women choose to wear their hair in braids. There are all kinds of styles of braids and some women find that their chosen style can cause them problems with their employers who are totally clueless about the trials and drama of black woman hair.

A friend of mine knew a white man who was married to a black woman who declared, “When you marry a black woman, you marry her and you also marry her hair.” Many of them have no idea just what they are in for!

But now, achieving that natural look may call for some drastic measures. Women that have been using perms to straighten their hair cannot just wash their hair and find they have big beautiful curls.

Those Black Women have to go through one of the most frightening events in their lives. They have to do what is known as “the big chop.” Just the name makes you flinch, doesn’t it?

The big chop is when a black woman has to cut off all her hair that has been treated with the perm solution. Say, for instance, it’s been a few months since she last had a perm. She may have new growth of several inches and she wants to stop straightening her hair and flaunt what the good Lord gave her.

She goes to a reputable hair salon and gets a hairdresser to help her. She looks over her hair and hopefully gives her some advice on what to do and how to care for it and cuts her hair down to that new growth.

Ms. New Do goes home and is startled when she looks in the mirror. She has gotten used to seeing herself with her long tresses and now she can see her forehead and GASP! Her ears and neck!

She may settle in and find that she enjoys having her hair short. Undoubtedly it’s easier to care for in most instances and it sure cuts the time you have to fuss with it in the mornings. As her hair begins to grow, she can decide just how she wants to wear it.

Does she really like keeping it natural? She will have to invest in a whole new set of products to care for it, but if she likes it, she can make it work. There are all kinds of hairstyles that she can wear.

Conversely, she may decide she is just tired of having the long tresses whipping about her face. She may not like having to wrap her hair each night or using curlers that she has to sleep in. And then, there is the half an hour she has to use with the curling iron, the electric curlers or the straightening tool. What if she is just sick of all that?

How short do you want to go? Nobody wears that short gamine pixie cut like Halle Berry. She has grown her hair long and tried different styles but she always comes back to that gorgeous little pixie that she wears. It just compliments her face. It’s become a part of her identity.

Short black hairstyles emphasize those big eyes, those marvelous cheekbones and those kissable full lips. The right short style can be sexy as all get out.

And for the really brave sista, she can go bald or nearly bald. Some women are absolutely stunning with a very close cut that they color blonde or red and wear some dramatic earrings. They can make a strong man weak. Look at the benefits you sure don’t have to wait for her to do her hair each morning!

With the variety of hairstyles, black women can literally choose the style they want and with the right beautician, they can do anything they want to do.

If you think your hair is too short, there are weave kits with just the right amount of hair that you can either sew in or have someone glue it in. You can get a new look in a few hours if you so desire.

What if you have longer hair and you want to see how you would look with short hair? Braid that hair up and put it under a wig cap and find a wig and try it on.

There is no reason for a woman to feel badly because her hair is short anymore. She can find a way to wear her hair that she will be happy with as easily as turning pages.

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