No one in the world who do not want to create an interesting hairstyle. Some girls have one’s hair and curly hair silky and thick, but the length can be long or short according t their own volition. To wear long hair in summer it is very difficult so here we have ideas of hairstyles for long hair lady bun.

There are different styles of rolls for long hair, like a bun low bent, crested high-roll, mid-bun crooked, interesting sandwiches, hand braided bun, bun massy high, bun low-chic and back French braid bun and high updo back comb bun , All of this great sandwich bun and also ideas for bridals.

These rolls can also easily for wedding functions, festivals and celebrations, and for special events. You can also use hair clips, jewelry and other accessories on a bun hair style. This sandwich is not just for long hair, but also for medium hair. It’s all very beautiful to look at and very comfortable to wear.

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