Ombre is a unique hair coloring method in which a darker roots are led to lighter ends, a contrast that is thick and fat still impeccable. Alley with immense popularity. Check out this top ombre hair color for bob hairstyles, from the lively and unique subtle and stylish.

A beautiful hairstyle, golden blond tips mark her mane and gradually her chocolate brown roots. It’s a pretty sophisticated hairstyle that looks great paired with some glamorous curls.

Ombre can be chunky with half and half colors, or it may be a gradual contrast as we see here. Dark roots get a slight makeover with a gradual increase in the lightness of the blonde, ending with platinum tips.

With dark red lips, a dot tee, and blunt bangs right under the brow, her screams retro fashion style. And she gives a burst of the trend with a bold color contrast with dark cinnamon block top and glazed apricot blonde tresses below.

We absolutely love this subtle ombre hairstyle, which gives its natural sun kissed tips. The light sandy blond tips and highlights around her face really brighten her complexion.

Do brown hair? How about auburn locks? Blonde locks? If you like all three, why not combine them? This look is totally hip and cool, perfect for younger girls!

The natural look of this particular ombre hair color is what many women withdraw, and why would a beautiful All natural style with just a touch on the brightness of the tips to create some contrast.

Smokey blonde is such a fascinating color, with shades of gray and blond and white throughout; and loving it were combined with the brown honey and gold in the middle. Trendy style is elegant with a set of loose, romantic curls.

With a collection of blonde highlights and low lights in, this ombre hair color looks natural and divine. Who said ombre had wild and crazy? Consider this subtle, earthy style that is great for the beach.

No longer are the days where we grow feel bad or awkward about our roots; it is actually a style trend! These glamorous and warm colors is provided with a short piece of dark brown roots leads to a heavy blonde other half.

A hairstyle that would work wonders in the fall and winter seasons, this delicious do have dark roots and seductive dark brown finish. Tempting? Absolutely.

Dark chocolate brown gave her life and a better appearance thanks to a wonderful collection of honey and chestnut tones throughout. Looks beautiful with these loose, beautiful curls.

If you want to add directly add some serious sexy attitude to your locks? Try the red! If you’re not daring enough to completely dye your mane to a deep red color, try this beautiful dark brown to red ombre. Tousle it for that extra sex appeal that is sure to turn heads.

Polished and very fashion forward, these tempting offers ombre midnight brown roots leads to a thick sandy blonde end. Tossed to the side and left right, it’s a seductive look that pairs well with subtle color of the lips and smokey eye makeup.

This sultry half half appearance has many beautiful texture and contrast, with chestnut roots gradually leads platinum tips. She teases her bob for an extra perky and youthful finish.

Adding a touch of apricot to her ends, she gives her mane a burst of bright color that plays perfectly from her black roots. A touch of dark separates the light from the darkness, making the transition easy and pleasant on the eyes.

Ombre hair color is a hot trend. Want to know the other three hair color trends for 2016? Purple, gray and blue. This ultra trendy and obviously unique ombre style featuring the popular blue and gray tips, while the roots are left black. There is a slight touch of brown between gray and black for an extra dose fab color.

Black and white or mixed or ombre is a seriously hot hair trend for 2016. We love her modern hairstyle with blunt fringes and worship her stylish black color combo gray.

This look has strained attitude written all over it. Black root cause blue locks of all shades, with a touch of dark low lights and plenty of light blue highlights a bold and full bodied look. There’s even a few pieces of purple to really strengthen the style!

Ombre is it can be for women over 60, teachers, senators virtually everyone! This sophisticated style is a subtle ombre with light brown top half and a delicious honey blonde on the bottom half.

This ombre is up dazzled with numerous contrasting highlights and low lights in the brown and blonde ombre, creating tons of texture that really enhances the long layers. A very bouncy and cute style.

There are the kind of girl who likes bursts of alluring colors and loves a trendy style, consider the ombre trend to the next level with multiple shades as you see here. Loving the combo of maroon, red and blonde!

What woman does not LOVE pink? This adorable hairdo with black roots with some beautiful light blonde in the center, finished with some light pink tips. Pink is subtle yet really brings to life her tresses.

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