Short hairstyles 2012 Medium length hairstyles with bangs, Naturally, hair is found in three lengths short, medium and long. In past times, long hair was demanded. Long hair was considered the symbol of true feminine beauty. In long hair, many hair styles are made. It is said that long hair has a large variety of hair styles.

But medium length hair also has large variety of hair styles. The medium length hair style can be defined as hair style which is no longer than shoulders and no shorter than nape of the neck. Graduated bob hair style is the perfect medium length hair style.

This hair style is ultra chic and stylish. Usually celebrities use this kind of hair styles. In straight medium length hair, shaggy hair cut is demanding. Shaggy hair cut is found in diagonal layering form. Shaggy hair style is found in all over layers.

Shaggy hair style is also made in wavy hair. With blunt cut medium length hair, young girls like to make braided bands at the top of head. Beaded pins are inserted in this band for decoration. Many tiny braids are also made from straight medium hair and these braids are secured with elastic bands.

With these above mentioned hair styles, bangs are used. Basically there are three kinds of bangs like blunt, side swept and uneven bangs. Fringe is also known as one of stylish hair bang. Bob hair styles are paired with bangs. Layer and shaggy hair cuts are also paired with bangs.

With waterfall braid, front hair is used to knit tiny braids which are set as a bang. Black people made deadlocks and cornrows as medium length hairstyles with bangs. In this way, other nations have separate medium length hair styles.

Funky knots and coiled knots look great in wavy or bouncy curling hair. Coiled knots are made with upper half hair while half lower hair is left open at back. Back combing with high ponytail looks very simple but nice. Medium length hairstyles with bangs are stylish and attractive. So, hair styles are of different kinds according to the textures of hair.

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